Guided Meditation for Birthdays and Everyday Renewal

This latest podcast meditation Guided Meditation for Birthdays and Everyday Renewal was recorded with my meditation group. It was inspired by the birthday of the woman who had inspired me to start the group many years ago. As I was ending the meditation, I found myself saying, 

"We’ve experienced the sense of aliveness. We’ve been reminded of renewal. We’ve given thanks and taken into our hearts the many gifts life has given us and we’ve planted a seed for the time to come. And we can carry that aliveness and sense of life and miracle of life with us now."

Although this meditation can have special meaning on your birthday, it's something that you can use on any day to renew your sense of gratitude and wonder. I hope you enjoy this meditation as much as the group did and would love to hear your experiences with it.

Aliveness Meditation

When I hear the word "aliveness", it evokes something for me. There's a recognition of something intangible that is always there in the background of my awareness. It's always with us, and yet we miss it as our attention is usually focused on things and events. Aliveness is what can make life fulfilling, regardless of anything else. To be able to sense aliveness itself is a great gift.

In many ways all of our meditations are about aliveness -- they're about being more fully alive. I'm much more aware of the sense of aliveness thanks to the process of creating this meditation. I hope you enjoy this latest podcast as much as I enjoyed creating it! (Listen to the Aliveness Meditation.)