• Bring our guided meditations to your medical practice, hospital, school, or business.

  • License our guided meditations or music.

  • License our Apps.

If you have come to this page, chances are you are already familiar with our resources from our Meditation Oasis® podcast, CDs or apps. Our guided meditations and music are recommended and used by physicians, therapists, teachers, clinics and others in a variety of settings. We will be happy to work with you to tailor our content for your particular needs.

Examples of how our content has been used:

  • University of Oregon licensed guided meditations and music for use in the Mom Mood Booster program for perinatal and postnatal depression.

  • First Hope Bank, New Jersey, uses our guided meditations for stress relief and relaxation in the workplace

  • Cigna licensed a co-branded version of our Relax & Rest app to give to clients

  • PeaceHealth Hospice Southwest in Vancouver, WA licensed our guided meditations to create CDs to support patients and their families

  • Les Mills International Ltd licensed our music for use on their Body Balance 55 trainer’s DVD and CD

  • PDi Communication Systems, Inc. has licensed 3 of our apps for their new PDi-TAB, an Interactive Android-Based Patient Television System to Satisfy Patients, Improve Operations, and Maximize CMS Requirements.

  • Our guided meditations have been played for relaxation breaks for conference participants.

  • Psychotherapists and counsellors use our guided meditations to facilitate sessions and recommend them for use at home

I’ve been able to help a lot of people (and myself and my wife) with your app. People that were really hard to reach and unwilling or unable to make changes in their lives were able to improve with the help of the Simply Being app.
— Phil Glickman PsyD, Psychologist

Medical institutions or businesses wishing to use our apps for their patients or employees can purchase and distribute them with Apple's Volume Purchase Program or Google Play for Work.

Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians -- read about our newest app, Meditation Rx Relief for Patients & Families. Help your patients and their loved ones cope with serious illness, surgery and procedures.

If you are interested in using our guided meditations or music, or partnering with us in some way, please contact us via the Contact Form on the Contact page or email us at info @ meditationoasis.com. You can reach us by phone at 707 933 9111.