I cannot express how truly grateful I am for having found your podcast and for your At Ease app. I started the meditations years ago and it has truly opened up my consciousness and helped me become a more balanced person. Whenever I need the extra help your podcast is there for me and I couldn’t be more thankful. You have shown me the passion in awareness, the sincerity in silence, and the peace in breathing. I am forever changed.
— Brae May
Meditation Oasis has been a crucial element in my recovery from some pretty severe anxiety… I’m heading into the anniversary of my first severe panic attack, and looking back, I cannot believe how far I’ve come thanks to meditation. I am so grateful for your meditations, your calm and soothing manner, and how much calmer I have become through regular practice.
— Mary
“Dear Mary, You have helped me so much. I have been listening to your podcasts over & over for many years. They never cease being immensely beneficial… Richard too deserves equal appreciation. the few meditations without his compositions are... well ... without his compositions!”
— John Wooten
Thank you so much for the enriching meditations. I have had problems with high blood pressure and the relaxing meditations have physically helped!
— Grant
Meditation Oasis podcasts are a beautiful resource. They cover many topics to help a person to take their own next steps. First hand spiritual experience is a golden thread that leads a person step by step along their own path. For me, the musical and spiritual journeys intertwined earlier on in my study. Just like music, spiritual work requires practice and these podcasts give the listener a chance to open their own doors, practice, and take their own next steps.
— Josh Maxey
I wanted to write and personally thank you for your website and applications that have helped me immensely. I have always had trouble sleeping and relaxing and as a recovered alcoholic of 8 years your meditations have been invaluable in aiding and continuing to aid me in my recovery. I will continue to pass the word about your work to my fellows in recovery.
— Neil