We are grateful for the publicity we've received from the press. Our Meditation Oasis® guided meditations and apps have been recommended in many publications — the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Self Magazine, and more. Here are a few highlights --

Our Simply Being app featured on NPR Morning Edition, October 16, 2017

Simply Being is “among the better ones... I tried Simply Being not long after in the middle of a workday that had gone haywire... After five minutes I was nearly asleep. —- from “Curl Up With a Soothing Smartphone and Relax” by Bob Tedeschi, August 10, 2011

”...five minutes very well spent... This app almost puts me to sleep, and in my world, that’s a very good thing.” — from “Appily Ever After? Smartphone Shrinks” by Judith Newman, April 5, 2013
— New York Times
The straightforward app and the relaxing narration made this a tester favorite.
— Simply Being "Tried and Tested" -- Good Housekeeping, December 2016
There are a lot of benefits to doing nothing: Meditation can improve your heart health, stave off premature aging and help you feel calmer and more focused, research shows. Yet for a lot of busy women, quieting the mind can be challenging. Instead of attempting a solo run, let the voice-guided Simply Being app talk you through a relaxing 5- to 20- minute meditation session. ‘Other apps offer pretty nature sounds but no instruction, which left me bored’, a tester said. ‘With the voice guidance, five minutes of meditation flew by.’

From “Gr8 hlth 4 u” by Lisa Field
— Self Magazine
Simply Being recommended in September 2010 issue of Yoga Journal - “Is There an App for That?”
— Yoga Journal
Perfect for beginners looking for something simple, Simply Being is highly rated for being user-friendly and customizable.” on the Simply Being App, “8 De-stressing Meditation Apps”, by Carolyn Gregoire, 3/19/2013
— Huffington Post

Recommended by Kate Hudson in her blog as one of her "favorite meditation tools". See A Note from Kate: the Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation.

“Got stress? Experts find that stress levels play a big part in our overall wellness. Stress can manifest itself as aches, pains, sleep problems, illness, and depression. But help is on the way. Relax and Rest Meditations can help you find your Zen—and keep it. Offering your choice of 5-, 13-, or 24-minute meditations, Relax and Rest uses vocal guidance, music, and nature sounds to help you become centered, rested, and relaxed.” — from “4 Ways to Wellness in the Wired Age”
— AT&T Thread
8 iPhone Apps to help you destress in the new year
— USA Today
When you need a bit more coaching than basic breathing to relax, the calming voices of Breathe & Relax takes you through a series of short 30-second breathing and awareness breaks as well as a longer 12-minute breathing exercise. This app is a great pick-me-up throughout the day to keep me focused. The app can set reminders to cue you to keep mindful throughout the day... I keep it like a trusted friend on those days I know will likely be stressful...
— Breathe & Relax
Similar to Breathe, this app takes the user through a variety of short breathing exercises and relaxation techniques specifically focused on getting to sleep (or getting back to sleep) and includes gentle coaching and affirmations to help your mind stop racing and give it something to focus on: your breath and your physical body.
— ISleep Easy App review by Dave Greenbaum, GigaOm
Whether you’re wound up from work or having trouble falling asleep, Simply Being will soothe you with voice-guided meditations, relaxing music, or nature sounds for 5-20 minutes.
— IPhone Life Nov-Dec 2012 Annual Holiday Buyers' Guide