Path 11 Podcast Interview with Mary Maddux

Listen to Mary being interviewed by the wise, creative April Hannah on the Path 11 Podcast. If you enjoy Mary’s meditations and want to go “behind the scenes” of their creation, you will enjoy this interview. It will help you deepen your experience of the meditations.

Our Newest App!
Meditation Rx


I have really enjoyed this app. It has given me many hours of comfort and there seems to be a meditation for everything that I have needed. Thank you so much for creating this for people like me.
— BC

Find relief from the stress of serious illness with the Meditation Rx app. Whether you are ill or are supporting a loved one through an illness, you will find guided meditations especially designed to suit your needs. The app helps you to deal with the stress of being ill, being in a medical setting, undergoing difficult procedures, hearing bad news and more.

The app contains a Learn to Meditate section for those new to meditation. In addition to the specific meditations designed for illness and caregiving, you will receive meditations that will be useful throughout your life.

You can listen to the voice guidance with or without music or nature sounds in the background. You also have the option of listening to music and nature sounds alone.

Designed by the creators of the popular Meditation Oasis® apps and podcast in collaboration with David Ezon, MD.

The Meditation Rx app contains:

• A Learn to Meditate section with written materials, and 3 sessions for practicing meditation skills (taken from our Learn to Meditate course app).

• 5, 10, 15 and 20 versions of the guided meditation on our popular Simply Being app. Perfect for everyday centering and relaxation.

• 14 guided meditations targeting specific stresses related to illness and caregiving:

    1 - SOS Breathe 

    2 - SOS Anxiety

    3 - SOS Self Soothe

    4 - Relief from Stress and Pressure

    5 - Relax in a Medical Setting

    6 - Belly Soothe

    7 - Heart Soothe 

    8 - Tired and Achy

    9 - Relax into Sleep

    10 - Relief for Parents 

    11 - Coping with Difficult News

    12 - Pain Relief — Breathe through Pain

    13 - Pain Relief — Soften around Pain

    14 - Pain Relief — Beyond Pain

DISCLAIMER:  This app is designed to provide relief from the stress accompanying illness, and is not intended for diagnosis or treatment. Although stress can cause physical symptoms, check with your health care provider to make sure they are not caused by a medical problem. Nothing on this app should be used as a substitute for the help of a qualified health professional.