I was searching for Heart of Healing. Why am I here?

For those of you who knew us as Heart of Healing, here's an explanation. Heart of Healing is still the legal name of our business. Meditation Oasis became the name we go by, because our work began to focus more and more on meditation. In many ways, we have gone to the "heart of healing", as meditation is a foundation for healing and anything else you want to accomplish. It has also been a return to our roots. Before our work with healing, we practiced and taught meditation. We were immersed in that intensively for many years, so we've come full circle. 

We invite you to enjoy what we are currently offering. Our Meditation Oasis® podcast has over 50 free guided meditations. We have CDs and MP3s, and a host of smartphone apps which are by far the best way to enjoy our work. Our approach to meditation goes straight to the heart of meditation, making it easy and enjoyable to learn to meditate and enjoy the benefits of meditation quickly.

We also have a large library of meditation content which is available through licensing and other partnerships with health care providers, businesses, educational settings and more. We hope you enjoy and benefit from our Meditation Oasis® website.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on our Contact page.

Mary & Richard Maddux

Looking for the Everyday Energy Healing - Chakra Balancing Booklet?

For those who have purchased the Everyday Energy Healing CD or MP3, you can find the booklet here.