Everyday Energy Healing Booklet

CD Booklet
Companion to the MP3 download of
Everyday Energy Healing: the Hands-on Healing CD
(also called "Learn Chakra Balancing - Hands-on Healing")

Almost all of the information in the booklet that comes with the physical CD is in the verbal instructions on the CD itself, but we created a written booklet for those who learn better from seeing things in writing.  The contents of that booklet are on this page, as well as a link to the Chart of Hand Positions for the Chakra Balancing.

How to Use this CD

The CD has 5 selections which can be used alone, or in combination with each other. Program your CD player to play only the selections needed for a particular session with the CD. Parts 1-4 will prepare you to give the Chakra Balancing. Work with them as long as you need to in order to feel ready to do the Chakra Balancing. Part 1 is an introduction to the CD. Part 2, Energy Sensing, is a simple, yet effective, exercise to help you become aware of energy in yourself and others. It will also help to activate the energy in your hands. At the end of the exercise, you will be encouraged to take some time to write, draw or discuss what you experienced. It’s important to note, however, that you do not need to be able to sense energy to do the Chakra Balancing successfully. Part 3 is an introduction to the Chakra Balancing containing important instructions for giving the balancing. You will need to listen to this before starting Part 5. Part 4, the Centering Meditation, can be used alone to practice centering, or immediately before the Chakra Balancing as a preparation for giving it. (You may end the meditation when the selection ends, or continue for a while longer on your own.) Part 5 is the Chakra Balancing, which you will do with a partner. Be sure to read “Tips on Chakra Balancing” below before attempting to do the balancing in Part 5.

Welcome to the world of energy healing! 

This CD contains everything you need to begin to sense energy, “activate” the energy in your hands, and do a hands-on healing technique called Chakra Balancing. This booklet contains general information, as well as important instructions which will help you to get the maximum value from the CD. 

About Hands-on Healing

Energy healing is a natural human ability. When you bump your head, your first reaction is to put your hands on it. When a child cries, you sweep the child up in your arms. These simple gestures are actually energy healing – they help direct energy where it is needed for healing. This CD will help you to consciously use this natural ability.

What are the Human Energy Field and the Chakras? 

The “human energy field”, commonly called the “aura”, is a field of energy which permeates and surrounds the body. Energy flowing through the energy field supports every aspect of our lives. The “chakras” are centers in the aura which take in energy from the “Universal Energy Field” and distribute it for use by the body. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheels of light” – the chakras are spinning vortices of energy. There are 7 major chakras and many minor chakras throughout the body.

Why balance the chakras? 

When the chakras are open and balanced there is a healthier flow of energy throughout the energy field. This supports the self-healing capacity of the body, as well as promoting mental clarity, emotional ease and a sense of spiritual connection. Greater balance in the energy field brings benefits to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. 

How does Chakra Balancing work? 

The Chakra Balancing on this CD uses a sequence of hand positions to systemically open, balance, and connect important chakras in the body. The palms of the hands contain chakras through which energy flows. Energy is directed to the chakras in the body by placing our hands over them. This encourages the chakras to open, release blockages and come into balance, bringing about greater flow and balance in the entire energy field. The effectiveness of Chakra Balancing is based on the preparation of the “healer”. The Centering Meditation prepares you for giving the balancing. Centering is essential to healing; it helps you to be fully present in the here and now. When you are centered, you are receptive to the flow of universal energies which can then be directed through your hands to influence the chakras. The Energy Sensing Exercise will help to activate healing energy in your hands. Using this CD, you will learn to allow the intelligence of the Universal Energy Field to work through you. We actually gain energy as we help another in this way. We are not using “our” energy, but simply being a “conduit” for Universal Energy.


Tips on Chakra Balancing

The Chakra Balancing on this CD works with the 7 major chakras, as well as minor chakras at the joints and 2 other important chakras at the thymus gland and spleen. Please study the chart of pictures of the hand positions before doing the balancing, as well as the illustration above of the location of the chakras. The person who is to receive the Chakra Balancing should be lying down. It is important for the person giving the balancing to be comfortable, and therefore it is easiest for most people to use a massage table. The technique can be done, however, with someone lying on a sofa, across the end of a bed, or on a recliner. Take time to set things up in a way which will work best for you. It’s ideal for the person receiving the balancing to wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

While giving the balancing, place the palms of your hands on or near the body at the location of the chakra. Only light touch is used in this type of healing. The chakras are being influenced by the energy of your hands, not physical touch. You do not need to even touch the body for the balancing to work – the hands can be held a few inches from the body in the energy field itself. In fact, it is better not to touch the body at the root and sacral chakras, as this feels too invasive. Also, you need not be concerned about having your hand on the exact location of the chakra. If you cannot reach a hand position comfortably, you can simply imagine that your hand is on the chakra and the energy will be directed there by intention. 

Note: the crown chakra comes straight up from the top of the head, and the root comes straight down between the legs from the tip of the spine. The other chakras extend out from the front and back of the body.

You will be instructed to stand at the right side of the person to whom you are giving the balancing. The pictures of the hand positions, as well as the voice-guided instructions in Part 5, are from the perspective of standing on the right side. You may, however, find it more comfortable to move around to the left side of the person when working with the left leg and left arm positions. This will be easy to do if you have a massage table or similar set-up. Otherwise, you will need to reach over the person to hold these positions. 

Throughout the Chakra Balancing, you will be encouraged to be in the “allow mode”. In this way of healing, we allow the Universal Energy Field to work through us. It’s quite effortless – we don’t need to try to send “our energy” to the person. Simply be open to receive and allow universal energy to flow through you. 

Once you have learned to give the Chakra Balancing, you can do it on your own, or continue to use the CD as a support. On the CD, you are guided to hold each position about one minute. On your own, you may vary the time depending on what you feel happening at the various positions – you may want to stay at each position until it feels “balanced”. 

You may also use this CD with a group. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” -- when you work together in a group, the energy is greatly enhanced. You can practice the Energy Sensing Exercise together, and meditate together, with or without the Centering Meditation. Then you can give each other the Chakra Balancing. This way you can learn together, share experiences and discuss questions.