Winter as Meditation

A friend just shared a beautiful poem she wrote about winter. Although the title of the poem is Winter's Resurgence, I titled this post "Winter as Meditation", because for me winter is a season of meditation. It brings an invitation to go within. In the dormancy of winter, all sorts of things are going on underground and these underground stirrings are the foundation of the blossoming of spring. In the same way, the deep rest of meditation is a foundation for creativity and productivity when meditation is finished.

Here is K's poem. It spoke to me on so many levels and in so many different ways, but I'll be quiet now, like winter, and let the poem reveal its special meaning for you. I'd love to hear what it means to you...

Winter's Resurgence

Winter has come upon us with her majestic stillness and fierce storms Blanketing us in her winter's lair Beckoning us to breath in rhythm

And it is here that I speak my prayer:

'Take a part of me deep into your forested womb Keep me there, giving me rest, away from worldly desires and despairs Cover me with your insight and love Hold me like there is no where else to go, nothing more to become Heal me of my tired and disenchanted ways Let me be still inside, my belly connected with yours like the dormant snake of winter lying securely in you'

And when your mists begins to lift, may your nurturing womb flow me out and birth me new

K. McCauley A.
Winter's Resurgence 12/20/08~1/13/10
dedicated to Sarah Dole, teacher and friend