Remembering Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's songs have been circling continuously in my mind since hearing of his death yesterday. Everything from ABC to Black or White, Thriller... I can still see and hear him on TV singing with the Jackson Five. I see him electrifying the world at the Apollo Theater. I hear him at the Super Bowl. I hear and see Michael everywhere. He was an amazing talent. He changed music forever. He shook the world energetically, releasing energy as if splitting the atom. His talents -- singing, dancing, composing -- were enormous. How many people really understood the heart and soul of this man? It's challenging to express ones uniqueness completely, and Michael did that. It's hard to be so sensitive, creative and open in this world, especially in the limelight like Michael was.

So many thoughts and feelings floating through my mind and heart. He did want to "heal the world". I titled this post "Remembering Michael Jackson", but he could never be forgotten.