How Meditation can Help You Move Forward after a Loss

Last week I was interviewed by Lois McCullough for her free online summit "Unstuck & Unstoppable -- How to move past your past, get off the emotional roller coaster and create a life you love". Each day of the event features a different expert offering inspiration and positive steps to take for someone who wants to create a new life after a loss.

You can hear the interview with Lois if you register for the summit, including a special guided meditation done for summit participants. While speaking with Lois, I shared two important tasks anyone must accomplish to move ahead after a loss, and how meditation helps.

Task 1 - Mourn the loss completely. Grieving a loss takes time and energy, and unless you've done it thoroughly your energy will be bound up and it will be hard to move ahead. The only way through grief is straight into the heart of it, and that means feeling the painful feelings all the way. In doing so you cooperate with the body and mind's natural healing process, and when you've done this enough, you will naturally start to have more energy to move ahead.

How Meditation Helps - Meditation will help you to relax into the feelings of loss, letting them flow through and resolve. It will help you to stay centered, giving you an anchor so that you are not lost in the sea of grief. For Task 1, you might want to listen to our Guided Meditation for Grief.

Task 2 - Find the Spark of your Passion and Let it Grow. You may already be involved in fulfilling work and activities, but you may have lost your enthusiasm for them. Now is the time to reconnect. Or perhaps you are challenged to find a new direction, new interests that engage and fulfill you. In either case, you need to connect with your passion. Time to find what sparks your interest, your joy in life, and when you sense that spark, nourish it with your time and attention.

How Meditation Helps - Meditation helps us to settle down and experience ourselves more clearly and deeply. In meditation, you can connect with even the faintest spark of a passion you didn't even know was there. It can help you to recognize feelings you may not have been aware of. For Task 2, you might try the Enhance Your Creativity Guided Meditation or Guided Meditation for Intuition.

The guided meditations mentioned are all available on our Meditation Oasis podcast. You can register for the free online Unstuck & Unstoppable Summit here --