We're grateful for all the wonderful emails and comments on our blog. Hearing about your experiences with our podcast inspires us more than you can know. We thought we'd share some of your comments below. Often it enhances our own experiences when we read those of others, and my help us to tune into our own process with the meditations more.

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"I just want to let you know how much I have enjoyed the comfort of your guided meditations. I have been exploring meditation on my own, yet I found myself struggling....your podcasts have helped me so much and I look forward to getting back to my meditation cushion daily. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your gift of meditation." --US

"Just wanted to say thanks for the podcasts you have put out -- I have used them for a few months now and found them to be very beneficial. I travel a lot on my own for my job, and I find the meditations help me to relax on my travels and help me sleep in the many different hotels that I have to stay in. Thanks for all of your efforts and for keeping me company on my travels. Kind regards..." -- UK

"I just discovered your podcasts and I must say that I'm very, very thankful that I found out about your podcast. You guys are awesome and I am so grateful to you. So far I've tried a few episodes and as of now, my favorites are Body Awareness and Effortless Meditation, they're fantastic. I wish to thank you for your great podcasts. Quality is awesome and I love your voice! I'm recommending them to my friends too. Keep them coming :)." --US

"Thank you so much for what you do. I searched several meditation podcasts at iTunes and yours is head and shoulders above anything else on there! Mary's voice is the absolutely perfect instrument for the meditations. My wife and I both use the various segments on a daily basis. Our favorite (or most frequently listened to) is Stillness in the Breath. It is helping me in every facet of daily living. Thanks!" --US

"Hello, my name's ____, and I'm 15. For the past few weeks I have been following your podcast, and trying to meditate daily. I have noticed a deep relaxation of myself, and I appreciate just being here in the moment. Hopefully these meditation will allow me to meet my spirit guide, as is my intention. Peace and Harmony." -- US

"I want to thank you so much for the podcasts that you have done. I am using a variety of them to help centre me and bring me back down in a grounding kind of way. I love the Mini meditation break as I always feel refreshed after listening to it and forget how I was before I listened to it. Thank you again." --Northern Ireland

"Thank you again for your fantastic podcasts -- they have kept me calm and sane through a very stressful year!" -- Australia

"Your meditations are absolutely amazing -- there is nothing that good on the net anywhere." -- UK

"I adore your podcasts... Thank you for your wonderful services, yours are the only meditations I listen to now." -- Australia

"I am so grateful that I found your website a few months back. I had just been incorporating meditation into my life and downloaded many of your free podcasts. Thank you for making these podcasts available to me. Your voice is soothing and the guided meditations keep my mind focused." -- US

"I enjoy your meditations. There are a few aspects of the meditations that stand out for me. One I like, is that they don't seem to have an agenda. Another is that you stress that there is no wrong way. The open-endedness is lovely." -- US

"I have been listening to your guided meditations for some time now, and find them to be excellent. They help clear my mind and de-stress me. I always look forward to a new meditation. Thank you, really enjoy your podcasts." -- US

"I just wanted to say that I listened to your Chakra Meditation and it was very nice. I wanted to thank you for producing these meditations. It is so nice to just press play and relax completely for 20 minutes or so. I've really gotten into meditating and I have guided my friends through a few meditations as well. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work." -- US

"First off, I would like to thank you, your meditation podcasts have truly changes my life and ultimately, my health." -- US

"I love your meditations. I listen to 'Simply Being' every night before falling asleep. It reminds me to keep my feet on the ground & to always take time in relaxing. Thank you very much for putting them on iTunes podcasts!" -- US

"I recently found your meditation podcasts on iTunes, and I wanted to thank you for making them available. I am a graduate student who has been struggling with anxiety. At the moment, I am taking my general exams, which include times exams... Your shorter podcasts allow me to take short but effective breaks, which help me to get control over the anxiety and return to my work with clearer thoughts... Thank you for making a challenging period more manageable." -- US

"I recently discovered your downloads on iTunes and am so grateful to you for making them available. One of the legions of meditation resistant, I am fine as long as I have someone's voice to guide me. Mary Maddux's voice is a thing of beauty in itself, though obviously an extension of her soul... I am finding the recordings I've downloaded to be quite a blessing! 1000 thanks and namaste." -- US

"I recently discovered your wonderful podcasts, and have been listening to them every night at bed time. I just wanted to tell you how much they have helped me relax and fall asleep. Your voice is so gentle and calming, and brings me comfort... I love what you're doing, keep up the great work!!" -- US

"I cannot describe how wonderful these podcasts are. Thank you so much for helping me find some inner-peace." -- US

"Hey there! Your meditation podcasts are the best around!! They are so useful and relaxing." -- US

"More podcasts, PLEASE! Your podcasts are my saving grace. Thank you." -- US

"I love your podcasts! Thank you for offering them freely. I use them almost daily to calm down before I sit in silent meditation. Thanks." -- US

"Hi, I would like you to know that your podcasts are fantastic. I often listen to Emotional Ease when I cannot sleep, I have Bipolar, the music and voice are so soothing I just drift away. I would not go anywhere without it on my iPod. Keep up the fantastic work." -- US

"I just discovered your meditations on iTunes and am thrilled. The timing was perfect as I have been wanting to start a regular meditation routine yet just couldn't seem to get started. Resistance there for some reason! Your meditations motivated me -- the words; the sounds, and I am now meditating each day. Thank you for the healing you provide to others." -- US

"I recently subscribed to your podcast and I think it's great! Your voice is wonderful and the music is soothing. I was surprised to find that a guided meditation could be so mind-opening. Before trying your podcast, I would meditate on my own. I tend to get distracted by the outside noises though. Having your voice and the music in the earphones really helps a lot! I enjoy more and struggle less."

"I just found you on iTunes and downloaded the three meditation sessions you offer. Love them! I'm new to meditation but am really interested in it and am really happy with the results I am finding. I've been emailing your website to family and friends to help everyone lower their stress. Thank you for making this so readily available. ...you talk me to sleep each night and you talk with me each morning. :) I'm really enjoying the meditation sessions. Your voice is so relaxing... I had my husband listen to you and he became so relaxed that it knocked him out. (He has trouble sleeping too, if that's any consolation). My Grandpa did the same thing. :) You're a really nice part of my day." -- US

"I just discovered your wonderful meditation CDs on iTunes. I am 48 and my dear mother who was 85 passed away 2 months ago and I was looking for some relaxation. I downloaded many things, but yours are the best. I have Sleep Easy and The Ease of Being and a couple of your podcasts... Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice with me." -- US

"First of all, I'd like to thank-you for providing us such wonderful podcasts! They are all so very meaningful, and I find them very beneficial in my everyday life, so thank-you!! Secondly, I'd like to tell you how they have helped me in these past few months. I am 19 years old and I started my first year in college this past year. I was having problems sleeping at night which was due to anxiety. I came across your website one day and decided to download your podcasts and give them a try. I was frustrated at the time because I had tried everything to make myself go to sleep at night. After the first night of listening to your podcast, I fell into a deep sleep and I felt so rested the next day! Since then I continue to enjoy deep restful sleeps from listening to your relaxing voice and the relaxing music! I am so very grateful!

"I was also very ill in this past March and was in a lot of pain. I was on painkillers to subside the pain but that wasn't working so well. The only thing that helped ease the pain were the Meditations! By going into a meditative state, I was able to block out the pain and because of that I was able to sleep. I really do appreciate your podcasts, without them I'm not sure how I would have coped through these hard past months." --US

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