Peaceful Mind Open Heart


Peaceful Mind Open Heart


Like Pure Light and Sleep Oasis, this new release has selections of the beautiful, meditative music of Richard Maddux. This exquisite music conveys a feeling of peacefulness, and opens the heart. This collection is especially effective as a background for meditation, massage, or yoga.

1. Acceptance 5:00
2. Dawn 4:14
3. Grandeur 3:05
4. Remembrance 4:05
5. Homecoming 4:24
6. Comfort 6:08
7. Peaceful Mind, Open Heart 6:07
8. Sanctuary 2:40
9. Clearing 7:00

"The music...lulls you into a feeling of peace." customer

"The music is soft and ethereal, not rhythmic or intrusive." customer

"The music is so soothing and pleasurable..." customer

"The music is relaxing, calming, nurturing...” Kitty Alder, Energy Consultant

"The music... is wonderful and I've been using it for my morning yoga session regularly.” Eric Kipp

"Beautiful, calming instrumental music..." Caren Parnes 

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