Meditation Oasis 2


Meditation Oasis 2

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Our Meditation Oasis CD/mp3 has been so well received that we've been inspired to create yet another album taking meditations from our popular Meditation Oasis podcast. Meditation Oasis II, Guided Meditations for Healing, contains three powerful meditations designed for healing. 

Accompanied by Richard's exquisite music, especially composed for healing, Mary's soothing voice guides you to discover your own powers of self-healing.


Track 1: Relaxing into Healing. Creates a healing space and gently guides you to use your own awareness for healing. 


"I listen to your guided meditations regularly and love them. This morning, however, I listened to the “Relaxing into Healing” selection and was completely washed over with love. Thank you for all that you do for the people in this world." -- Lance


Track 2: Inner Child Guided Meditation. Connect with your inner child and learn to embrace him or her with love and compassion.


"Your inner child guided meditation was powerful, moving and incredibly valuable to me at this point in my journey. I was overcome with emotion as I looked at my inner child and yet finished with a wonderful sense of peace and a new perspective. Thank you so much for your gift." -- Stacie


Track 3: Guided Meditation for Grief. Designed to help you feel accompanied in your grief, releasing the feelings of grief while feeling held in a compassion.


"I have felt emotionally “stuck” for some time, unable to grieve properly and unable to move forward. Your meditation was one of the most helpful things I experienced. I finally felt a sense of release from the numbness, the sense of choking on my grief alone. I listened to it several times until I felt I could do it myself if need be." -- Connie

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