Everyday Energy Healing


Everyday Energy Healing


Learn to give a hands-on Chakra Balancing!

By Meditation Oasis®

Voice-Guided Instructions & Meditations by Mary Maddux

Music by Richard Maddux

This CD contains everything you need to sense energy, activate the healing energy in your hands and give a hands-on, full body chakra balancing to another person.

Energy healer, Mary Maddux, voice-guides the listener step-by-step accompanied by beautiful, healing music. 



The CD includes:


  • An informative booklet and spoken introductions
  • A chart of photographs of hand positions
  • A voice-guided Energy Sensing Exercise to help you sense energy and activate your hands for healing
  • A Centering Meditation to help you be fully present in the here and now, open and receptive to allow Universal Energy to flow
  • Step-by-step voice-guided instruction in giving a full body Chakra Balancing to a partner
  • Soothing, healing music supporting the voice-guided processes




1. Introduction (3:23)

2. Sensing Energy (16:14)

3. Preparing for Chakra Balancing (4:34)

4. Centering Meditation (10:15)

5. Chakra Balancing (32:50)


"This CD is a must for those interested in Energy Healing. It is easy to follow yet has profound results. With Mary's guidance I am able to support the healing of others as well as my own. What a lovely experience!" -- Kelly Dillman, Massage Therapist and Spa Director

"Fantastic CD!!! I was able to sense energy the first time I listened to it. It was easy to give the chakra balancing, a very positive experience. The person receiving the balancing was amazed. I like the voice, the directions, everything. I would most definitely recommend the CD to others." -- Deb F, Illinois

"I found this CD awesome. It's easy to listen to and understand. It was well done and the voice and sound contents were excellent... I did the chakra balancing on a friend and she said it was calming. I enjoy all of it. It's an excellent piece of work. Keep them coming!" -- ECP, Switchboard Operator

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