Meditation in Action

How to meditate while remaining active

Our Meditation-in-Action is a way of meditating while remaining active. This can be an incredibly relaxing experience. It can also bring insights into how we resist the natural flow of life and help you to let go of that resistance and experience activity in a more natural and spontaneous way. This meditation can be for personal growth, or simply to relax.

Usually this meditation will be most effective if you can take at least an hour to do it. It can even become the basis of a day long retreat.

How to do this meditation

Set aside a couple of hours, or better yet a morning or even a whole day in which you will only do what you want to do when you
want to do it.

The basic meditation is to spend some time doing only what you want to do in the moment. It is usually most effective to do this in your own home or in an environment that you spend a lot of time in. The idea isn't necessarily to do something special or to get involved in a project that takes planning or commits you to a certain course of action (like taking a trip). It is better to leave things open-ended so that you have the freedom to start one thing and stop it or change your focus at any time.

During this time let go of any ideas of what you think you should do and everything you think needs to be done. That even includes "I should do something really special that I always want to do but don't have time for". Don't plan your time ahead. Don't think about what to do, just start doing what comes to you naturally. Do what you want to do in every moment as it arises. You may notice yourself judging what you choose to do, but let that go. Just follow the impulses of the moment.

At times you may sit or lie down and do nothing, at other times you may have an inspiration of something new and different to do, and at other times you may surprise yourself by finding you are doing something on your to-do list. The feeling as you do these things will be completely different, however, as you let go of any agendas and any shoulds. You may find yourself actually enjoying doing things that you might not normally enjoy, simply because there is no longer a sense that "I have to do this" or a pressure about time.

What is so relaxing is the sense of freedom in just letting yourself do as you please -- letting yourself be. You may learn quite a lot about how your mind is always evaluating what you are doing and whether or not it is worthwhile, "good" or "bad", and so on.

Playing the music on our Pure Light, Sleep Oasis or Peaceful Mind, Open Heart CDs in the background would be a relaxing support for this meditation.  Or try our Attunement app to listen to our music.