Autogenic Relaxation for Sleep

Many people find Autogenic Relaxation (or “Autogenic Training”) to be an extremely effective way to relax. It was first published as a technique in the early 1930s and has stood the test of time. I was taught to use Autogenic Relaxation as part of a trauma release process when I was studying the Healing Touch program. I loved it from the start.

Although Autogenic Training can be used without guidance through self-suggestion, it can also be used with guidance in which case you mentally repeat relaxing phrases after the guide. Although you can use this anytime for relaxation, I created this guided version specifically for relaxation before sleep. For this reason, there are no words to guide you out of the meditation. If you aren’t asleep by the time the voice guidance ends, you can simply enjoying resting in a relaxed state until sleep comes.

We just celebrated the 12th anniversary of the start of our podcast in 2006. This Autogenic Relaxation for Sleep meditation from our iSleep Easy app is our celebration gift to you. We hope it serves you well!