Sleep Easy CD


Sleep Easy CD

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The soothing voice and music on Sleep Easy create a restful oasis in which to relax and fall asleep.

CD users have reported:


  • falling asleep faster
  • waking up less often during the night
  • falling back to sleep faster when awakened during the night
  • feeling more rested the next morning


The Sleep Easy CD is especially helpful when you are wound up from the stresses of living. It helps calm the overly busy mind, soothe the emotions, and relax the body.

The CD contains both the Sleep Easy guided meditation with music in the background, as well as a track of music alone which can be used at any time for its relaxing effect. The insert that comes with the CD includes "Principles to Sleep By" which provide a backdrop to help with sleep.

Track 1: Sleep Easy Guided Meditation (17 min.)
Track 2: Music to Relax By (17 min.)

"My husband & I were both undergoing a lot of stress that made it very difficult to fall asleep. We didn't want to take medications. I was skeptical of a CD being able to put us to sleep but I was desperate so I ordered this one. The first night we tried it, we both fell asleep before the music ended. I don't even know if I was paying attention to what Mary actually said because it was her voice, not the words that was so relaxing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is having difficulty falling asleep, or even if you're just stressed out and need to relax."

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