Silence of Being CD


Silence of Being CD

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The Silence of Being CD provides an easy, effortless way to achieve a meditative state. It gradually guides you to meditate on your own or you can continue to meditate along with the CD.

The Silence of Being CD gently encourages the mind to let go of its usual outer-directed focus and experience silent awareness. Unlike meditations which keep the mind focused on images, the body or the breath, this guided meditation allows the mind to relax completely, creating an open, expanded state of awareness. In this relaxed state, thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations are allowed to come and go without resistance, creating an experience of complete acceptance. 

Regular use of this meditation helps develop a peaceful mind and an open heart. 

The CD contains three meditations, as well as 20 minutes of music for meditating on your own. The Pure Awareness Meditation brings awareness of stillness, and the Rest in Silence Meditation helps deepen the experience of stillness. The Silence of Being Meditation gently guides you to meditate on your own. The music in tracks 1 and 2 is gentle and soothing, far in the background to support the meditations without being distracting. 

Track 1: Pure Awareness Guided Meditation (with music) 19:17

Track 2: Rest in Silence Guided Meditation (with music) 18:40

Track 3: Silence of Being Guided Meditation (without music) 21:25

Track 4: Music to Meditate By 20:00

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