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Sharing our experiences with meditation with others can support us on our journey. As we listen to others, we become aware of things we may not have noted in our own experience. Speaking or writing about our experiences enlivens them and helps us to integrate them in our lives.  Also, as we become more aware of the benefits of meditation, we become more committed to meditating regularly.

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Establishing a meditation practice —
“I am new to daily meditation practice, and the Meditation Oasis podcasts are largely responsible for helping me commit to regular practice. Your guided meditations, especially the Relaxation, Effortless, and Letting Go episodes, have been the foundation for my practice and I continue to use them several days a week. Specifically, your reminders that “it doesn’t matter” how the meditation goes or if the mind wanders are at the very core of my meditation values and practice. Your guided meditations make meditation practical and meaningful for me. Most importantly, your guidance also helped me recognize that I already knew how to meditate, but that I just thought of it as “being still” or “paying attention.” I began meditation as one component of treatment for depression, but it has become a part of my life that I credit for the peace and wellness I experience now.”

Help with insomnia, anxiety and pain…
“I am 19 years old and I started my first year in college this past year.  I was having problems sleeping at night which was due to anxiety. I came across your website one day and decided to download your podcasts and give them a try.  I was frustrated at the time because I had tried everything to make myself go to sleep at night.  After the first night of listening to your podcast, I fell into a deep sleep and I felt so rested the next day!  Since then I continue to enjoy deep restful sleeps from listening to your relaxing voice and the relaxing music!   I am so very grateful!

 I was also very ill in this past March and was in a lot of pain.  I was on painkillers to subside the pain but that wasn’t working so well. The only thing that helped ease the pain were the Meditations!  By going into a meditative state, I was able to block out the pain and because of that I was able to sleep.  I really do appreciate your podcasts, without them I’m not sure how I would have coped through these hard past months.”

Relief from stress of nursing…
“I work in Scotland as a critical care nurse (very stressful). I originally got into nursing as I wanted to be a part of a healing profession. However, what I found was that nurses are generally so overworked in a highly stressful role, that the holistic care of a patient is rarely achieved no matter how much it is desired. I love my job, but wanted to find a way to help people in a holistic way.

I have always had a great interest and belief in energies, and finally decided to undertake a course in reiki. At my first reiki training session I had to do several guided meditations. Now, I had tried to meditate several times in my life but never in a guided format, and I failed miserably every time. My head was always full of so many things that I could never just relax.

Since experiencing this guided meditation I decided to seek out more, and this is when I discovered your podcasts. Now I do at least one guided mediation everyday, and often twice or three times when I can. The result? I am now a much more centered person and feel so much more grounded in all areas of my life. At work i just feel more able to do my job and deal with difficult and traumatic situations. I dont get stressed at work anymore, im just not a stressed person anymore. My work life always affected my home life as i just couldn’t switch off. Now im much more chilled at home, and my husband as really noticed the difference. I am also a much better reiki therpist, as I feel so much more in tune with myself.”

Emotional healing —
“I began yoga a year ago as a part of ongoing emotional healing. In January 2008, I noticed a change, an opening I had never experienced before. I was studying the Four Agreements and morphing over to Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth as well. I attributed the experience to both the yoga and the spiritual awakening I was experiencing. As I progressed, I found a new peace…but it was offset by a series of issues that led to the most intense anger and fear I have ever experienced. I wondered at the intensity and duration of the anger I experienced but was determined to learn from it. In June, I discovered your meditations and downloaded several. They seemed to address the issues I was experiencing, such as letting go and accepting what is…allowing myself to experience my feelings and tie in the principles I had been learning in my spiritual studies.  Thank you for making your meditations available, thank you for the thoughtful content, for putting something positive and loving out into the universe for people like me.”

Meditation helping with healing —
“I am recovering from a brain injury and PTSD, so am experiencing lots of symptoms each day that are overwhelming. Your podcast is a choice that I always have when I need to lower my anxiety, rest or simply get away from stimulation. I struggle each day with my brain getting overloaded, so I need to rest throughout the day. I truly believe that the meditation moments I am experiencing with your podcast are healing me. I am uncovering unconscious memories and fears, and holding them in my awareness and sometimes self love and your guiding voice and soothing words are always there for me. So, thank you!”

Meditation and martial arts —
“I’ve been involved in martial arts for many years. I have a target driven city type job which I love but started looking for something to take the pace out of my lifestyle once in a while to redress the balance.

I’ve always been slightly dismissive of any practices that I felt were esoteric for esoterics sake, but I chose to open my mind. I tried loads of meditation guides, looked in to the more theraputic side of martial arts and many other weird and fantastic things.

Then… I stumbled upon your podcasts and web site. I’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you! The way you dedicate yourselves to sharing your knowledge and bringing this to people around the world is only testimony to your knowledge and love of what you do!

I try to apply what I’m learning and I can honestly say it’s been nothing but positive. It has deepened my understanding of martial arts. It helps me at work and I even think it’s had a positive impact on my relationships with people. … I even sleep better! :-)”

Healing from Surgery —
“I recently had surgery to remove a large kidney stone. The surgery was quite invasive and involved a lengthy hospital stay and recovery at home.  I am 60 years old and this was my first serious illness and hospitalization (other than having children). Prior to going to the hospital I downloaded a number of meditation podcasts.  I listened to several, especially the ones on healing,  several times a day while in the hospital and since I am home.  They have changed my life. I am convinced that I am healing more quickly, resting better and have a new found respect for my body and my mind.”

Help with PTSD for the Military —

“I am a combat infantry soldier in the US Army dealing with bouts of PTSD and symptoms of depression. Sleep is restless and my days are filled with anxiety and hyper alertness developed on the battlefield but does nothing to help back in the real world. My therapist turned me on to this website and I want to say that with your guided meditations, I can finally find that peace and rest that has eluded me for so long. Thank you so much.”


4 Responses to “Share Experiences”

  1. pat gooderham on September 26th, 2008 9:18 am

    Meditation for everyone!…..I think that meditation helps tremendously with our energy as a whole. I have been studying the Chakras as a beginner as this keeps my attention focused and in line. When meditation is practiced it’s sometimes hard to keep focused as your mind does wander at times. I really enjoy this topic cause when pain is an issue my inner child just reminds me to relax and meditate to keep my body in sync.

  2. Ken on November 19th, 2008 11:34 am

    I just started meditating and getting religious due to a fight with my brother. Meditating seems to help.

  3. Madeleine on November 16th, 2012 6:34 pm

    I was recently hospitalized and could not sleep because the woman in the bed next to me, who was in pain kept moaning and crying out. I had your meditations on my iPad and thought I would listen to one. However, I did not have my earphones. So I asked my room-mate if she would mind if I listened to one of your healing meditations. She did not mind. I swear, within two minutes after the recording started, she began to breathe easily and sleep. I soon followed her. The next day she thanked me. It was the first time she had slept a whole night.

  4. Mary on November 17th, 2012 6:12 pm

    Madeleine, Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. We’re so glad you and your roommate both drifted of easily to sleep!

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