New Online Meditation Course

January 6, 2009

Many people are happily meditating with our podcast and we hear from so many of you about the wonderful changes happening in your lives. It’s amazing that the experience of meditation gets transmitted in this way on the web and we’ve been inspired to find more ways to bring meditation into peoples’ lives.

We’ve created on Online Meditation Course for those who want a simple, yet effective way to learn meditation online. Not everyone can find or attend a local meditation course. Not everyone gets the hoped for results simply listening to our podcasts and reading the information on our website. Some want more structure and support. So we created a course that distills the essence of the principles of our meditations. Through a systematic sequence of meditations and written materials people can master the basics of meditation. We’ll also be offering very personal support through four email consultations which are part of the course. It’s exciting to see how our work evolves as we connect with people through the internet. Everything that we learned in teaching people in person is reflected in the course.

The course isn’t just for beginners. It’s also for anyone who is already meditating but not satisfied with their practice. Even those who are enjoying our podcasts could benefit from the course if they want to be able to meditate on their own, as could anyone who has struggled in any way with our meditations. 

We know some of you will have questions about the course. Please feel free to ask, either in the comments on this post or on our Online Meditation Course page.


2 Responses to “New Online Meditation Course”

  1. Gareth on September 21st, 2012 9:22 pm


    I purchased some of your IPad apps (the course, attunement, and a couple of guided med.)

    I have some troubles with anger, depression and tend to ‘self medicate’.

    I wanted to let you know that your programs are helping me a lot. I’ve started walking, am drinking less and my moods are much better.

    A big thank you.

    I think that I felt that if i didnt constantly analyse every little thing… all the time, that Id miss out on something in life. Of course this stressed me out, its unmanageable energy wise.

    Id love to see a blog post on addictions if it ever takes your fancy.

  2. Mary on September 23rd, 2012 1:24 pm

    A big you’re welcome, Gareth! Will definitely consider a post on addiction. We have heard from many people who are helped by meditating. Best wishes…

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