Discovering ancient meditations in present awareness

April 11, 2007

My guided meditations arise out of my own meditation practice and exploration. When I sit to record a CD or podcast, I close my eyes and enter a meditative state and see what comes. Currently I’m working on a CD of meditations using the breath. In the process of doing this, some entirely new meditations have come up. As I explore my own inner landscape, new ways of meditating are called forth. I try to assign names to the meditations that capture something of the essence of them.

Inevitably, if I Google a meditation name I’ve come up with, I discover meditations online from various traditions that use similar names and work in similar ways. Often the meditations are based on ancient traditions. It is fascinating to see how in the freshness of my own consciousness the same meditations are born again which arose in minds in the past and became part of long-standing traditions.

This has made me appreciate the saying that “there is nothing new under the sun”. We may learn meditation from a tradition or we may discover it within ourselves. The fundamentals of human consciousness and experience don’t really change. Things such as clothing, language, technology, and lifestyle may change, but the inner reality doesn’t change. Human consciousness, which is where we live our lives, doesn’t change. Past and future meet there as the present moment, and the present moment is all there is.


One Response to “Discovering ancient meditations in present awareness”

  1. karthik on January 16th, 2009 1:25 pm

    Great post, Mary. Higher mind has no time and space, I guess.
    This tells us something important about our forgetfulness. We forget that we are these magnificent beings of light when we take birth on earth only to go about the process re-membering into the source once on earth.
    Some books I have read mention that we forget who we really are in order to discover ourselves in the experiences.. For example, you get sick and tired of certain repetitive behaviors on your part and say, this is not really who I am about and thus you define who you are. I love it, I love this pretending, I love the dramas, I love even more to see through the dramas and realize the oneness.. I am not there yet, but getting there!

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