Meditation at Candleday

January 10, 2007

Anything can trigger a “meditative state”. That shift in awareness that we call meditation is natural to the mind. The mind will take the opportunity to shift any chance it gets, we just don’t always give it the time and space to do it. But sometimes it happens unexpectedly — the sight of a sunset, a baby’s wide open eyes, even something painful like grief. It happens when something jogs the mind out of its analytical, linear mode and allows the awareness to expand. It happened to me today when I visited Candleday, the blog of Tomas Karkalas who posted the very first comment to my very first post on this (or any) blog.

Candleday, with its beautiful art and straightforward, heartfelt spiritual depth created the heart-opening, body-relaxing, sense-enhancing shift that I needed to take with me into my left-brained adventure into learning how to blog.

What triggers a meditative shift for you? Would love to hear your comments.


2 Responses to “Meditation at Candleday”

  1. Tomas on January 11th, 2007 9:44 am

    Dear Maddux,
    Thank you for so wonderful feedback about my Candleday. You have made my day and even much more: your nice words were as if the reward for all I was doing till now. Thank you.


    You question:
    What triggers a meditative shift for you?

    At a moment the answer is obvious and one and only. That’s you- your post-our relationships-the GRATITUDE

  2. Tomas on January 12th, 2007 11:48 am

    Thank you for the loveliest feedback.

    My heart palpitates. Therefore let me borrow your comment for depicting though a bit of my own excitement:
    Your words have made me speechless and took me to the place beyond words — the most sweet of all places with no location and no name. Thank you!

    Incidentally, the place with no location and no name is my main dwelling-place… I had a trauma in 1974 and my head bones were broken… Walk on the edge of the death was long enough, but the miracle has happened: I was returned to life… returned from the wonderland into…

    Now I’m alive, but workless and consequently without a penny: I am recognized as the dependant until death- So to say, I am the spiritual giant, who is impotent as to print so frame his own artworks…because of the hopelessly empty bank account.

    Sorry for these sad news. I have shared them just to explain my emotions. At times, it is so hard to watch the disappearance of all my doings in an obscurity…
    Your lovely comments on my blog inspire the hope and I trust in a magical power of sunbeam with the renewed faith again.

    Thank you.

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